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Building a hosted Private Cloud with openQRM

Cloud analyst Rene Buest published a comprehensive guide howto setup a hosted private Cloud with openQRM. His howto provides insights of why companies decide to go with private Cloud and points out the advantages of a fully automated IT infrastructure combined with a self-service. It includes step-by-step instructions paired with lots of screenshots and describes best practices for building your own private Cloud.

Please find URLs for this howto in english and german lanuguage below:

Building a hosted Private Cloud with the Open Source Cloud Computing infrastructure solution openQRM - http://clouduser.de/en/insights-en/building-a-hosted-private-cloud-with-the-open-source-cloud-computing-infrastructure-solution-openqrm-20741

Aufbau einer Hosted Private Cloud mit der Open-Source Cloud Computing Infrastrukturlösung openQRM - http://clouduser.de/insights/aufbau-einer-hosted-private-cloud-mit-der-open-source-cloud-computing-infrastrukturlosung-openqrm-20562

Many thanks and thumbs up to Rene Buest for this detailed openQRM Use-case and documentation!

Posted by Matt 2013-07-02