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Updated initrd-templates/openqrm-client

We would like to let you know that we have just updated the openqrm-initrd-templates and the openqrm-client packages
for openQRM 4.7. The changes are commited to the projects subversion repository.

Short background about this update:
We have experienced compile troubles for the dropbear package on RedHat Enterprise Linux when the linking is static.
(funny that it compiles and links fine on CentOS).
Compiling and linking dropbear dynamically solves this problem so we have recently switched the dropbear compilation
from static to dynamic linking. What still was not updated yet were the openqrm-initrd-templates and the openqrm-client
packages provided with the openQRM build-system which still contained static linked dropbear binaries.
This resulted in an dropbearkey error message during boot-up since it could not find the required libutil library.
The problem is solved by the updated initrd-tempates and client packages now.
btw: we have also updated the initrd-templates included in the server-templates in the openQRM Enterprise image-shelf!

If you would like to use the updated openqrm-initrd-templates and openqrm-client packages follow the steps below:
- run "svn up" to update your source directory from the openQRM subversion repository
- run "make"
- run "make update"
You may now want to update the kernels you have created in openQRM via "openqrm kernel add ...."

Many thanks and have a great weekend,

Matt Rechenburg
Project Manager openQRM

Posted by Matt 2010-12-19