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#179 remote OS deployment


I recently came across a new mangaged services provider offering to install a simple agent on ESXi servers.. once installed, you can deploy a virtual machine from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world and also has built in disaster recover/backups for a fixed monthly rate.... find out more here http://www.doyenz.com
With a simple plugin... we should be able to add this feature into openQRM by using gPXE to load a remote kernel over HTTP(s), once kernel is loaded you can load SSH to pipe eveything else over a secure SSH tunnel.... A brand new provisioned system completely booted and loaded over secure protocols and all over the internet.... I am VERY interested in the prospect and would be willing to pay for this features completion... Anyone interested???

This would actually be one up on doyenz, because they require a pre-installed ESXi server with there agent installed, my way is a bare metal provision/restore/recovery/whatever.


  • Check this out!! This is a similar product using gPXE and a loopback ISO file system located on a remote web server... Special grub kernel is used for http booting. This could be used as a starting point for remotely loading systems over inet and http!


  • Matt

    :) hehehe, very good, yes.
    I had the chance to join the talk for the oscircular at this years linux.conf.au in Hobart/Australia.
    Since then we plan to integrate this really special deployment method in openQRM so your feature reqeust is more than welcome.
    Would you like to help working on this integration ? Do you have already some experiences with oscircular ?

    many thanks + have a nice day,