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need better documentation on the use.....

  • .....of plugins. The Nagios plugin sounds cool but how are I to use it since I can find no real docs!

    • Mahesh Kunjal
      Mahesh Kunjal


      Thanks for your feedback. We will be working on  putting more information for usage on Nagios..

      While we work on it..

      Have you checked http://www.openqrm.org/content/view/106

      Once you install Nagios plugin, all you have to do is configure all the Virtual Environments(VE) to monitor the nagios defined services.

      Also for techinal documentation have a look at

      We have put in all the Nagios available Web screens as a menu item and can be accessed on openQRM GUI by clicking "Management Tools" -> Nagios menu.

      Alternatively, if you want to use Nagios web itself, you can do it by opening the browser to http://<openQRM IP address>:81/nagios

      http://www.nagios.org has lots of nagios related documentation.