ISCSI Target

  • Joe


    The new version of iscsitarget seems to create the ietd.conf config in /etc/iet/ whereas the older version had it just in /etc/ietd.conf.  I know that this change must have happened relatively recently since my last fresh install (maybe a few months ago) still had the old location.  ANYWAYS…i soft linked the /etc/iet/ietd.conf to /etc/ietd.conf…might be a good idea to include that check in the iscsi/iscsilvm plugin installation….

    Not sure if this was mentioned previously but without that softlink, iscsi within openqrm just errors out.

    This is for CentOS 5 BTW.  I guess the other option would be to specify the location to use for ietd.conf during the install, but in most cases and according to the documentation a make; make install will just work….which puts the file in the new location.

    - Joe

  • Matt

    Hi Joe,
    right, thanks for posting, we will update the ietd.conf location for the next release

    greetz + best,

    Matt Rechenburg
    Project Manager openQRM