rootfs on iscsi and pending sessions

  • taspenatu


    whenever I stop a resource with the rootfs on a lvm-iscsi the iscsi target session keeps active (see /proc/net/iet/session on the storage server).
    Since the MaxSessions parameter is set to 1 the resource cannot login to the iscsi target on boot (login failure).

    I haven't found any openqrm (4.7) code that handles this problem.

    So how could we handle this as workaround or in future releases respectively (or is it already solved)?

    Some ideas:
    1. Put a local disk for the rootfs to the resource.
    2. Do a restart of the appropriate iscsitarget before the resource boots up.
    3. Logout from the iscsitarget on resource shutdown.
    4. Set MaxSessions to unlimited.

    And some concerns:
    1. Breaks with the philosophy of openqrm: A resource in openQRM is "everything which has a CPU and some memory".
    2. Needs to take care on many factors like which iscsitarget to restart, how to connect to the iscsitarget or fencing unsteady resources.
    3. When to logoff from the rootfs? After the remount read only? But from where we get the halt command then?
    4. Keeps a lot of open tcp connections.

    Every idea is welcome.