Howto configure qrm server 5.0 as router

  • FABR

    Hello all,
    I managed to install and configure openQRM 5.0 on ubuntu 12.04 on a single node following the 'old' documentation
    I use a notebook with a single nic.

    Deploying VMs via VCD works just fine.
    In this 'usual' single node demo setup the QRM server is using a single bridged network (br0) on top of a single physical network.

    Now I like to change the configuration such that the QRM server is acting as a router and not just as a brigde.
    I would like to put all VMs into a subnet that is separated from the rest of the real network by the QRM server acting as a router.

    On a bare KVM server system I would do it like this using libvirt and the forward mode 'route'.
    The libvirt provides modes bridge, nat , route amd more.
    What follows is part of the network definition file for a virtual network on a KVM host.
      <forward dev='eth0' mode='route'/>
      <bridge name='virbr%d' stp='on' delay='5' />
      <ip address='' netmask=''>

    Where/How can I alter the QRM configuration such that  the QRM-Server is acting a a router (mode route)?
    I am used to the libvirt style of configuration but I am lost by the way QRM uses KVM.
    On a server with two physical NICs I would just make QRM use a bridge on one NIC and connect to my real network via the second NIC. Then, a routing configuration would be straight forward.
    How do I do it with just one pysical nic?

    Many thanx and best regards,


  • Matt

    Hi Fabr1,

    you can configure the bridges used for the VM network cards with teh

    /usr/share/openqrm/bin/openqrm boot-service view -n kvm -a default

    Please check

    Plugins -> Virtualization -> KVM -> Help -> Config

    many thanks, have a nice day and enjoy openQRM 5.0,

    Matt Rechenburg
    Project Manager openQRM