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OpenPSX's server moved

We have moved our hosting server off of sourceforge. I am looking into other places for revision control, since some aspects of cvs here have been somewhat annoying. Subversion looks somewhat promising, as it allows directory revision among other things, but I'm still trying to find a hosting subversion server. The new homepage is now reflected on the Homepage link above.

Posted by alaterale 2003-02-14

New messageboard & PSMem information

Greetings :)

We have added a new messageboard to our website at:

where we are consolidating our efforts for OpenPSX. Everyone that is interested in the project is welcome to add their input and ask questions. We are currently halfway done on the PSMem tool for OpenPSX (a PSX memory simulation system). We hope to release the PSMem class library very soon, and later on, a GUI to go along with it.... read more

Posted by alaterale 2002-11-01