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OpenProj 1.4 installation error

Doug Brown
  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown

    Installed onto Windows XP Professional.  Completed, no problem, but when I run OpenProj, I get a box with the error:

    "Error: OpenProj 1.4 installation error "Could not find the main class com/projity/main/Main."

    No clue what to do. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, etc.

  • LeRoy

    Is this error from the down load of the application or did you recompile and try to launch the application?   What development tool are you using?


  • Anonymous

    I am getting this same error.  using Windows Vista; the program was working fine for me previously but after a week I went to use it again and found this exact same error message.  I used the Windows installer version.


  • Anonymous

    @lhgrubbs - This error is from the downloaded version.  I just tried again and get the same message. I'm using a Lenovo notebook, Windows XP Professional, nothing irregular at all.


  • Anonymous

    Not sure how this works, but I posted originally under Brownshk12, and was just logged in under my Yahoo OpenID, and replied to your question above.

    Once more though, I am using the downloaded version right off the Sourceforge site and get the error I mentioned. I have a Lenovo notebook, and Windows XP Professional, nothing unusual at all.

  • Ian C
    Ian C

    Installed fine on one Windows 7 machine but get this error after installing to a different Windows 7 machine.  Task manager processes shows OpenProj as still running.  I have to use "End Process" to kill it.

  • A Lopez
    A Lopez

    Same thing happened to me:
    "Could not find the main class com/projity/main/Main."

    Does anybody got any idea?

  • Tahoeob

    Yeah,  the first major update to OpenProj since we got acquired by Serena is coming out tomorrow.  ProjectLibre was a major rewrite and includes compatibility with MIcrosoft Project 2010, bug fixes, printing of reports, a ribbon UI and more.  You can download ProjectLibre also on Sourceforge. We also launched a community site at http://www.projectlibre.org   There are images and other information on the community site.  It would be good to get your feedback on ProjectLibre