big bugs in importing Project files

  • Hello,
    When I import files from Project 2007, all the date are fake.
    When I wrote 1 week in Project, it is transformed into 3.828 days ! Why ?
    Then for a project that lasted 1 year, I have lost  more than 1 month and everything is false.
    OpenProj writes the dates with the hour and it gives a lot of mistakes.
    When I write in openproj "1s", it is transformed into "5 days", but actually, it is 4.5 days, from 1/1 8:00, to 5/1 11:00.

    This is crazy. I don't want to manage the hours, only days and weeks.

  • Tahoeob

    OpenProj has not been updated in many years.  ProjectLibre has fixed hundreds of bugs and is being completely rewritten.  You can download at