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  • louapnic

    I am in Australia. Can I modify the date to format local rather than the US format?

    • Howard Katz
      Howard Katz

      OpenProj will use your system's regional settings for formatting dates and times.  Try setting it there.

      • reyjinn

        Hi, I'm having the same problem with the US time format (at least in the start date & finish date columns) and OpenProj is not picking up my regional settings.  I'm running OpenProj on Kubuntu 7.10.  Does it only detect regional setting in MS?

    • Goh Bee Hock
      Goh Bee Hock

      I am from Singapore and my regional settings is not picked up and openproj is showing in US date format.

    • R N Cramer
      R N Cramer

      I have the same problem here in the UK. UI have a further problem in that I can't select the dates I want from the calendar. I want to select 5th Jan to 11 Jan as a holiday, but it always goes to 14th Jan !!

      This is currently making this software (which is really easy to get going with) unusable for my project management. A real shame.

    • mowerte

      Hi, I'm in South Africa and have the same problem with showing the correct regional time format.

    • Sam Sandqvist
      Sam Sandqvist

      You can easily change the language and formats.

      Windows: edit openproj.bat

      add the following to the java command line

      -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=GB

      for UK format. Use any legal combination, e.g., fr and CA for French in Canada, or en and AU for Australian English. This will change both your language and locale formats (dates and times).

      On Unixy systems, change openproj.sh in the same way.

    • Kevin Crowley
      Kevin Crowley

      Just a note for any Mac OSX users. If you want regional settings to take effect then the way I achieved it was:

      1) open a terminal
      2) cd /Applications/OpenProj.app/Contents
      3) vi Info.plist
      4) find the line that says:

      <string>-Xms128m -Xmx768m</string>

      and change it to read:

      <string>-Xms128m -Xmx768m -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=AU</string>

      Read the thread above for other region codes.

      Hope this helps someone...

    • beechwood1

      for Kevin Crowley
      Using MacOSX 10.5.6
      This does not contain the line
      <string>-Xms128m -Xms768m</string>
      nor anything like it

      Can you suggest alternative one to obtain d/m/y format dates?
      (or even y/m/d format, as in Europe)

      • Sam Sandqvist
        Sam Sandqvist

        To modify the time format, add the region with


        or similar to affect the time, date, and currency.

    • beechwood1

      Thanks Sam, but where exactly should it be entered? On its own line? Or on a new line?
      Note, when I follow Kevin's advice, I do not get the line that he quotes

      • Sam Sandqvist
        Sam Sandqvist

        On the Mac, navigate to Applications, and right-click on the OpenProj icon.

        Choose Show Package Contents, and a new window with the content will open.

        Click Contents, and the info.plist and the Property List Editor will open.

        Click the arrow at Root, and last in the list, again on the Java arrow.

        The last option is VMOptions, where I have

        -Xms128m -Xmx768m -Duser.region=GB

        (i.e., entered the region at the end of the string).

        Close everything and restart OpenProj.


    • beechwood1

      Thanks Sam, but no result. Maybe I'm just dumb.
      (Third para above)
      I clicked Contents, and it opened to show -CodeSignature folder;  CodeResources alias; Info.plist; MacOS folder; PkgInfo; and Resources folder.
      No sign of Property List Editor anywhere; Info.plist opened with TextEdit
      Did not see/have an arrow to click at Root, nor the Java arrow.
      Went to -xms128m - Xmx768m, and added the
      -Duser.region-NZ phrase.
      No result, so substituted  -Duser.region-GB phrase. Still no result.
      Left the plist like that and gave up.

      • Sam Sandqvist
        Sam Sandqvist


        I'm on 10.4, not 10.5 Leopard - maybe the behaviour has changed a bit.

        However, basically I believe you did everything correctly until (if your post is accurate!) the very last step:

        -- you say: -Duser.region-NZ
        --should be: -Duser.region=NZ

        (i.e., equals sign, not hyphen).

        Also, try checking if a right click on the info.plist and Open with reveals the elusive Property List Editor... but I faintly recall that editing with TextEdit is fine as well.

        I opened mine with TextEdit the line in question is

        <string>-Xms128m -Xmx768m -Duser.region=GB</string>


    • beechwood1

      -- you say: -Duser.region-NZ
      --should be: -Duser.region=NZ

      (i.e., equals sign, not hyphen).


      Many thanks



  • nick


    I'm in France and I want the language to be English and the date format to be European.  I add -Duser.language=en and the language changes fine but the date format stays US.  If I add -Duser.region=GB, the date format changes but the language stays French.  How do I have both GB region, (for date format) and en language (for English menus etc.)  If I add both arguments, only the first is respected.


  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    I edited from terminal with vim editor, and the date format is working using GB (dd/mm/yyyy)
    I tried for Spain date format with ES and SP with negative results.

  • FX Cormontagne
    FX Cormontagne

    It seems that you cannot mix any region with any language. If you want the interface to be in English, I suggest you try on english speaking regions. I am working in an international organisation in Belgium. lang=en region=be did not produce what I wanted: date format d/m/y and currency EUR.

    I tried lang=en region=IE (ireland) and … tadaaa! works just fine: date are in european format, currency in EURO and UI in english.

  • Tony Pappas
    Tony Pappas

    Is it possible to set the date format to ISO standard of "yyyy-mm-dd"? Thanks

  • Paulo Braga
    Paulo Braga

    Adding -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=ZA will result in English and yyyy/mm/dd.
    Seems that there's no way to have yyyy-mm-dd: all combinations of "en" plus country codes that use "yyyy-mm-dd" did not work.
    It would be nice if date and time configuration could be made independently from within the program (because Unix is less flexible than Windows in this respect).

  • Paulo Braga
    Paulo Braga

    Note that even though it's possible to have dates as yyyy/mm/dd, how to get rid of that ugly am/pm and have a sane 24 h format instead?

  • Edwood

    I had a bit of a nightmare getting this to work, but thanks to this thread, and some persistence, I can now switch over to Open Project… Stoked!

    Notes for windows users:
    - It seems to me that If any of the parameters in the batch file are erroneous, they are ignored. (eg. language=NZ)

    Associating your Open Project Files
    The batch file parameters are only used when you actually run the batch file (obvious I guess) . 
    Your .pod files are associated with the .exe, and therefore, if you open your project file by double clicking on it, you will have the wrong date format.
    You can't just associate the .pod files with the batch file because it doesn't really accept input parameters.
    For now, i'm stuck having to:
      - 1) Open Open Project using the batch file
      - 2) Click 'Open Project", and then browse to my project file

    I am sure that one of the smart cookies out there can give us a nice easy way to modify the batch file so it accepts an input paramater.  (ie. then you can associate .pod files with the batch file)

    So… smart cookies?
    batch file is

  • lordy

    To edit the JVM settings on Windows associated with the exe (not the bat file).
    Edit the ini file  (eg \Program Files\Serena Software Inc\OpenProj\OpenProj1.4.0.ini)

    [Java Runtime Environment]
    Maximum Version=any
    JVM Type=favor_client
    Minimum Version=1.5
    Main Class=com.projity.main.Main
    [b]Virtual Machine Parameters=-Duser.language=en -Duser.region=GB [/b]
    [Product Information]
  • lordy

    I worked that out by Googling 'JVM Type=favor_client' , this lead me to the installer being used, and then how to add JVM properties.

  • Paulo Braga
    Paulo Braga

    Edited OpenProj1.4.0.ini as suggested but, unfortunately, it did not work.
    Inserting the language and region parameters in the batch files works, though.

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