java7 support

  • Hello,

    Openproj cannot be built for java 7 at the moment. One of the reasons is proguard version used as contrib. Java7 expects atleast proguard4.7. I hacked up my build env to use the newer proguard, but the build still fails. Need someone in this community to help provide support for java 7.

    also, Do we expect any bugs to be fixed for openproj or users are recommended to move to projectlibre for good ?


  • Tahoeob

    ProjectLibre runs in Java 7 and Java 8 as well….. we have fixed hundreds of bugs and are rewriting the entire application.  The developers who created OpenProj have 100% moved to ProjectLibre and there really has not been an update to OpenProj in 4 years.  I am biased but a migration seems obvious…