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OpenPoplog / News: Recent posts

Debian Specific

Brent Fulgham has updated the Debian-specific version of Poplog at his Debian page http://www.debian.org/~bfulgham/poplog/debian

Posted by Jonathan L Cunningham 2005-03-15

Portable UI API

This is actually more of a test to see if I can post
a new news item.

I've added a page to my personal Poplog pages
with some notes about some early ideas for a
portable graphics layer for OpenPoplog. You
can find it here:


Posted by Jonathan L Cunningham 2005-02-06

New cvsbuild mechanism in place

A page at http://openpoplog.sourceforge.net/OpenPoplogBuild.html describes a new cvsbuild mechanism for exporting the latest version to a local sandbox directory and rebuilding.
Currently, this only applies to the Windows version.
The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and the assembler from the add-on processor pack are required to build a new Windows Poplog.

Posted by Jeffrey T Best 2004-02-18

Majority of Poplog REF files now on SourceForge

A majority of the Poplog REF files, originally sourced from Anthony Worrall's pages, have now been posted on http://openpoplog.sourceforge.net/ref/. (Links to all the HELP and TEACH files, and a few DOC and REF files will be broken)

Posted by Jeffrey T Best 2004-02-10

Majority of Poplog DOC files now on SourceForge

A majority of the Poplog DOC files, processed with David Young's ved_html.p VED-to-HTML format converter, have now been posted in the Docs section of http://sourceforge.net/projects/openpoplog. They are under the doc category at http://sourceforge.net/docman/?group_id=76639.

Posted by Jeffrey T Best 2004-01-22