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OpenOCD 0.9.0 released

Posted by Spencer Oliver 2015-06-12

OpenOCD 0.8.0 released

Posted by Paul Fertser 2014-04-27

OpenOCD v0.8.0-rc1 is out

Source archives, release notes and documentation are available from the usual locations. Please give it a nice testing and report your feedback to the devel mailing list. Thank you for helping OpenOCD, and enjoy the ride!

Posted by Paul Fertser 2014-03-30

OpenOCD 0.7.0 release

After almost 7 months since previous 0.6.1 version, new 0.7.0 release is out! Source packages are available to download from SourceForge.

Full details here:

Posted by Spencer Oliver 2013-05-07

OpenOCD 0.6.1 bugfix release

Today OpenOCD 0.6.1 bugfix release was published on project’s download area on SourceForge. Appropriate changes were also committed to GIT repository.

This release addresses serious regression in 0.6.0 and 0.6.0-rc2 releases which caused some functionalities to work correctly only on the first run – all following operations would fail until OpenOCD would be restarted. Some of affected modules:

lpc2000 flash driver (for LPC2xxx and LPC17xx chips),
mips_m4k fast data (for MIPS M4k chips),
feroceon DCC,
arm_io NAND flash driver,
arm7_9 DCC.
Posted by Spencer Oliver 2012-11-15

OpenOCD-0.6.0 is out

It has taken over 12 months since the last release, however its worth the wait - see release notes for full details.

Posted by Spencer Oliver 2012-09-07

OpenOCD v0.6.0-rc2 is out

A few tweaks/fixes from rc1, keep on testing.

Posted by Spencer Oliver 2012-08-29

OpenOCD v0.6.0-rc1 is out

It s been a while but we have finally released v0.6.0-rc1, as it has been a year since the last release the fixes/changes are numerous. Lets hope this rc phase is short.

Posted by Spencer Oliver 2012-08-06

OpenOCD v0.5.0 is out

Posted by Spencer Oliver 2011-11-14

OpenOCD v0.4.0 is out

Not too many changes since RC2. They were mostly documentation updates, with bugfixes for arm920 and dsp563xx targets. See the release notes for the overall summary of what changed in this release.

Posted by David Brownell 2010-02-21

OpenOCD v0.4.0-rc2 is out

Various bugs fixed since RC1. We're hoping we don't need to do much more before the final v0.4.0 code ships.

Posted by David Brownell 2010-02-13

Now using Trac for bugs

We've enabled the Trac support on SourceForge to help organize our bug tracking procedures. Let's see how that goes...

Since SourceForge doesn't seem to support the git hookup, we haven't tried to link the bug database to our code repository.

Posted by David Brownell 2010-02-04