#6 Fix get on jpg files on Sony Ericsson T610 for obexftp

Olivier Berger


I'd like to suggest the following patch for obexftp
which corrects the get on .jpg files on Sony-Ericsson T610.


    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Jason Gabler
    Jason Gabler

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    I was playing around with this. I was not able to download
    anything. Then I added the patch was able to download
    everything but (what I thought was) any JPEG. I turned
    debugging on obexftp and recompiled, alone with some of my
    own debugging lines.

    Upon failure to download a file called "Picture(9).jpg"
    openobex was returning a code of 0x44 to obexftp, which is
    "...NOT_FOUND". Knowing the file I wanted was surely there,
    on a hunch I began playing with file names. I kept trying
    "Picture(9).jpg" with .jpeg, .jpe, etc. I couldn't get the
    file. Then I tried the stock pic named "Aura.jpg", and it
    downloaded! So I thought perhaps it was the ()'s in the
    other filename. So I renamed the file and removed the
    parentheses. The file, now named "Picture9.jpg" downloaded!
    Then I put the parentheses back on ... and it downloaded!
    Huh?! The only reasonable conclusion I could think of was
    that something in file renaming had jiggled the filesystem
    in the phone. I had resently done a master reset on my
    phone and since then have not renamed any files until going
    thru the process I describe above. So this might not be an
    openobex or obexftp but a Sony Ericsson filesystem bug.

    btw - this was with a T616


  • Olivier Berger
    Olivier Berger

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    Were you trying that in a shell that would have interpreted
    the parentheses and not transmitted them to obexftp ? That
    could explain everything.

    So maybe you can try with quotes (either single or double)
    around the filename ?

    Hope this helps.