Cant connect to Siemens C45 :(


  • Anonymous

    Hi. I installed the newest version of openObex 1.0.0
    and obexftp 0.10.2 today and tried to connect to my
    Siemens C45 with this command:
    /usr/local/bin/obexftp -d /dev/ttyS0 -l /

    The Problem is this:

    Custom transport set to 'Siemens'
    Connecting...failed: UUID
    failed: target
    Still trying to connect
    ... and so on.

    What to do? Any hints??
    Thank you!

    • Niki Spahiev
      Niki Spahiev

      Same problem with C55

    • yo, same troubles with my C55 too...

    • As you have guessed the problem is a wrong UUID.

      Since 0.10.3 there is UUID selection code.
      For some phones a Siemens specific UUID is needed and for some a general one (Folder Browsing Service) works.
      If you know a working phone/UUID pair please let me know.

      You might want to have a look at obexftp/uuid.h

      Logs containing a brief OBEX session are appreciated (run some serial port sniffer with the original software).

    • Lunanova

      i have the same problem with my S55.
      Could you tell me more about a way of finding UUID
      or if someone knows a UUID ....
      Thanks !


      • Anonymous

        If you only want to transfer a file you should have no problem with S55.
        Check with irdadump(root) if your phone is reachable
        Go in the directory where the file is located
        and execute the line
        obexftp -c tmp -p filename

        • Luke Skywalker
          Luke Skywalker

          Where should i use the irdadump(root) command? Also, the obexftp command you posted above can't possibly work, since you do not specify what device to connect to. Please clarify.

          • Luke Skywalker
            Luke Skywalker

            Ok, nevermind the irdadump question, I'm not connecting via irda, but via bluetooth.