regarding obex_test Compilation

  • Rizwan Basha
    Rizwan Basha

    In openobex-1.4/apps we hav a obex_test.c
    how can i compile this.and may I know the o/p from the compilation.plz help if anybody know about it.
    Will it be useful to act as server for file transfer.

    • Use --enable-apps with ./configure to  enable test applications.

    • Rizwan Basha
      Rizwan Basha

      I hav installed openobex-1.4 and obexftp-0.22( with some make errors regarding obexftpd.c  )

      When I type obexftp command,I am getting this
      obexftp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

      I could not locate .Can anybody help in avoiding this errors.Also I think is availaible in openobex-1.0.1
      I could not find it anywhere in 1.4 version.

      Can anybody give information regarding UsbObex.Whats it? how can i work out with it.

      • You have different versions installed and the runtime library path is mismatched with the one from compiling.
        Again, I'd advise you to stick to stock packages.