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obexfs problems with "large" files and Thunar

Lukas Koch
  • Lukas Koch
    Lukas Koch


    I am using the current Ubuntu Gutsy repository packages of obexfs and obexftp on Xubuntu.
    I am able to mount my E61i with

    obexfs -b <BT-Address> -B 11 ~/E61i

    but there seems to be a problem with "larger" files.
    In this case "larger" means as larger than small text files.

    Every time I click on a file in Thunar, Thunar hangs up.
    And it takes several seconds to minutes for it to regain consciousness.
    The larger the files, the longer it takes.
    I assume that it freezes as long as obexftp needs to download the file from the phone.

    Is there any way to prevent obexfs from downloading the whole file every time I click on it?
    We are speaking about selecting the file, not opening it.

    I already deactivated preview thumbnails to prevent thunar from freezing when I enter a folder with pictures or videos in it, but all in all this is not very satisfying.

    • There is no block based access to files. Previewing means loading the whole file from the phone.