Runnig the Minimal ObexFTP C client example

Pavel R
  • Pavel R
    Pavel R


    I'm trying to send a file to a mobile phone (Motorola Razer K3) using openObex.I've compiled the file c_example.c,
    as described and run the executable file, runexample, as follows:

    ./runexample 00-1B-52-4D-9D-12 9 /home/leto/workspace/obexEx/info.txt

    I received  a response from my phone, however i got an error message: "Error getting a file", from the program, even though the file info.txt exists in the specified location.

    Can someone please help me?


    • That example is just to get developers started with the ObexFTP API. You'll get better debug messages and a smoother experience with the 'obexftp' command line client. It's included with the obexftp package. If there are still problems, read the DEBUG section in the README or on the wiki.