Bluetooth 2.0+EDR is only 25k/sec. Ridiculous

  • I've lived with slow transfer speeds long enough. Ever sense I purchased an ASUS Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB adapter it has always taken *minutes* instead of *seconds* to transfer files from my cell phone to my computer and vice versa.

    Fedora 8, latest updates.
    Nokia N95-1, latest firmware.

    Both are Bluetooth 2.0+EDR devices.

    It took *40 seconds* to transfer a 1 megabyte picture. I timed this with 'watch -n 1 date' for grins, so I can't give you nanosecond numbers, but even a rough estimate shows that transfer speeds are *abysmal* and need to be addressed. Ideally it should be taking less than 10 seconds to transfer the same image file on a true 2.0+EDR setup.

    I saw someone fixed this by forcing larger MTUs.