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obexftp: option to disable AT cmds

  • Hi,

    I've got a USB device that works in cable obex mode but requires a different set of AT commands so I'm unable to connect. I've modified bfb_io_open to disable all AT commands and I'm able to connect. I think it would be a good idea to have an option to disable the AT command preamble (in tty mode) so that it can be used with non-supported devices. Of course, the user would have to manually put the device in obex mode. Unfortunately, there's no mechanism to pass a parameter to bfb_io_open to specify such an option. I can add such an option but is this the right approach? All feedback is appreciated.

    Jose Vasconcellos

    • What kind of device is this? Can we discover/identify it using AT commands?
      The multicobex lib is designed to be a one-stop solution for cable transfers. Adding just another command set is no problem.

    • I've got a couple of different devices such as a motorola phone. The point is I shouldn't have to add AT commands every time I come across a new device. An option to skip the AT commands allows be to create a shell wrapper and then I can use obexftp to do the actual transfers.

      The main problem that I see in the source code is that there's no easy way to send a command line parameter.

      • So basicly we should check if OBEX work (transparently) before trying the different AT commands.
        I'll think about rewriting the cable init code.

        BTW: Motorola phones should work. They seem to use AT+MODE=22.