#55 Copy/paste bug on Win 7 to a Debian VM and other bug

Fritz Elfert
Edouard POSTEL

I have an issue with the simple act of copying a line of text to and from Windows 7 Pro 64Bits to a virtual machine running Debian 6.0 with Gnome, via Opennx.

When I copy text from Windows 7 to Gedit Debian 6.0, it works.
When I copy text from Windows 7 to the terminal of Debian 6.0, it works.
When I copy text from Windows 7 to Netbeans Debian 6.0, it does not work.

When I copy text from Debian 6 to Windows 7, in any case, it does not work.
When I go to Ctrl + v, I have the wait pointer that runs for 1 to 2 seconds.

I do Ctrl + v or Right click + Paste.

My client configuration options:
- General
- Display and Keyboard> check Use custom layout (French (France))

  • Advanced
  • Check Grab keyboard When HAS customer focus

  • Clipboard filter: Use PRIMARY selection

I tried most combinations of the options.

Version of Opennx :

Neatx and Nx package :
- neatx-server : 0.3.1+svn59-0
- nx-common : 0.3.1+svn59-0
- nxagent : 3.5.0-1-2
- nxlibs : 3.5.0-1-2

My second issue is that the process nxssh.exe does not close when the client is closed. Xming.exe and sometimes also, but less frequently.

Edouard Postel


  • Edouard POSTEL
    Edouard POSTEL

    Image of configuration client Opennx

  • Fritz Elfert
    Fritz Elfert

    Some remarks:
    Xming is supposed to stay active (unless you enable fullscreen) because then it can be reused by multiple sessions and the session startup is faster as well.

    BUT: The clipboard setting is an ugly hack and changing this setting usually only works when killing Xming so that it gets started with new setting - the default "BOTH" is the normal setting (just like NX-original) and should work. If it doesn't, then there's most likely something else broken on the server side.

    I don't test with neatx because most of it is broken anyway. Testing references are FreeNX and NoMachine's server.

  • Fritz Elfert
    Fritz Elfert

    Regarding the nxssh not terminating:
    Is that happening on a local network or via internet? (Might be a TCP timeout issue). If the nxssh is not terminating, does it do anything? You can check that by using MicroSoft's ProcessMonitor

  • Edouard POSTEL
    Edouard POSTEL

    Good evening,
    I installed FreeNX instead Neatx.
    After uninstalling all of neatx well, which was nestled around!

    I now only freenx works.

    I have only this in my node.conf:

    SERVER_NAME = "myserver"
    SSHD_PORT = 22

    In the Advanced section of Opennx, the Clipboard filter is on Use Both.

    If ENABLE_CLIPBOARD is none, copy / paste to the Win7 machine does not work (normal).
    If it is "both", only to the Win7 machine works, not the reverse.
    If it is to "server", machine to Win7 not working when it should.
    If it is to "client", the machine to Win7 works.

    For nxssh I used Procmon, but I think it was not shut properly Neatx that TCP sessions, because there I nxssh.exe more open after closing the session with NX FreeNX.

  • Edouard POSTEL
    Edouard POSTEL

    My Freenx server is on 0.7.3 version.