#49 shadow doesn't let you choose which screen to shadow


Summary is pretty much it. When you select a shadow desktop the "Settings" button is grayed out, thus making it impossible to select which screen on the server you wish to shadow. I've got an Xorg setup where my physical screens occupy one X11 screen (:0.0), and I have a virtual (dummy driver) screen (:0.1) for testing various things. I was hoping to be able to connect to that virtual screen and have it display on the OpenNX client.

My understanding of X11 suggests that this should be possible, but maybe this is a feature request rather than a bug.


  • Fritz Elfert
    Fritz Elfert

    I think, you completely misunderstood the purpose of shadow sessions. With shadow sessions, you can connect to already existing other NX-Sessions, which are running on an NX-Server or to the local root display of an NX-Server. The server's root display has to be configured in the server config. There is no client-side target display selection in the NX-Protocol.

  • Sorry for the 600+ day ping response...

    So the idea is to run opennx client on one PC and then connect to that existing opennx session on another PC and have both the first and second client see the same session?

    This might not be a problem for my use case. Could you help point me in the right direction of the correct configuration stanzas in the server config which could "lock" an NX server to an existing X server screen?