Graphical engine // Video Filters

  • Essover

    First of all congratulations for all your efforts in carring out this proyect.

    My question: Will this new mugen proyect include an improved graphical engine?

    If not, I think it would be an interesting idea to have some sort of "plugins support" to be use with video filters (just like Winmugen does for sound) to achive this goal, as many games consoles emulators do.
    If this were possible, it would be interesting to make programs like: "scale2x, 3x, 4x" (;; "hq2x, 3x, 4x" ( or any other filter to work with your Open Mugen.

    A compressed character and stage support sounds also interesting, too

    If you have some time, I would be interesting to know your impressions about this. Thanks in advance,


    • SakirSoft

      Thnax for you ideas but currently OpenMugen use the scal2x Filters.You will see it in the new Beta of OpenMugen.

      Compressed character support is also a good idea but i will think about a later time when OpenMugen is playable


    • Essover

      Thanx for your reply SakirSoft, I see you have everything set to give us an incredible OpenMugen!!

      About the compressed character support I have to say that this is already possible and works perfectly so far (but a compressed stage support hasnt been developed yet: maybe a good point to work on it later on). You could find more information about WinMugen compressed character support at:

      Talking about stages, I think a Stage Viewer in the selection screen is another important feature that Mugen or WinMugen doesnt have and I would like to see it in your OpenMugen. As you know, Mugen or WinMugen only display the name of the stages that are loaded and playable, but they dont show any image or picture to give you an idea about the stage you are going to select. Trying to solve this problem, some Chinese guys have made a very smart use of the mugen files and they have succeeded in doing so (Im not about any external program; they did it just with Mugen files). Despite of this system works perfectly, its not easy to add pictures of new stages to be added (too many things to edit).
      From my of view, I think the simplest way to archive this in Mugen or Winmugen is either to define a number of group in the SFF stage file where the picture can be read and display in the selection screen (like the 9000 group was defined in the SFF file for characters); or just by telling mugen to read the image in the stage folder to be added and display it in the selection screen (I mean stage creators will have to deliver the traditional SFF and DEF files, plus this extra PCX image to be used in the mugen selection screen).

      All this have been thought for Mugen or WinMugen, I dont know if this is easier, harder or even impossible in the program youre developing; but as I say before, I think everybody would appreciate a lot to have this feature in OpenMugen.

      I hope this information is useful for you and not so hard to code in OpenMugen (:P). Once again, thanks for your time and congratulations for all your efforts in carrying out this project.