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File Date Author Commit
Contrib 2004-02-14 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [56367b] Get rid of "define", hopefully alternative buil...
build 2007-04-14 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [6fe019] Set version to "0.6.2".
debian 2006-01-09 Joost Yervante Damad Joost Yervante Damad [f99011] most important file :)
doc 2007-04-15 Manuel Bilderbeek Manuel Bilderbeek [8cbc0f] Fixed a few typos in the release notes
share 2006-01-08 Wouter Vermaelen Wouter Vermaelen [dd94a3] updated db (thanks Vampier)
src 2007-04-14 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [19d956] Include "resource" dir in distribution.
AUTHORS 2004-10-03 Manuel Bilderbeek Manuel Bilderbeek [6856e4] Some updates
ChangeLog 2006-01-21 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [6ca5d7] Released openMSX 0.6.0.
GNUmakefile 2004-03-29 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [ec1ed2] It's official now: the 'alternative' system rep...
GPL 2001-09-28 Common openMSX developers Common openMSX developers [680c13] Joost: added License
README 2003-09-22 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [b5c694] Rewritten from scratch. Contains pointers to do...
configure 2004-04-22 Maarten ter Huurne Maarten ter Huurne [f37629] Initial version of system probe. 2004-10-05 Wouter Vermaelen Wouter Vermaelen [680de1] don't distribute, file is no lon...

Read Me

openMSX - the MSX emulator that aims for perfection

openMSX comes with a set of HTML manuals that tell what you need to know
to install, configure and run openMSX. You can find these manuals in the
directory 'manual' inside the directory 'doc'. You can read them using
a web browser.

You can read what has changed in this and the previous releases in the
release notes. You can find the release notes of this release in the file
'release-notes.txt' in the directory 'doc'. Highlights of previous releases
can be found in 'release-history.txt'.

All source code and other works that are part of, or distributed with
openMSX are copyrighted by their respective authors. The file 'AUTHORS'
contains a list of people who made works for openMSX or contributed works
to openMSX.

Some source files contain a license notice; all other source files are
licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL), of which you can find a copy
in the file 'GPL'. If you got a binary release of openMSX and are
interested in the sources, please visit our home page:

Happy MSX-ing!
                        the openMSX developers