#228 Philips MSX2inPC emulation

SD Snatcher

Please emulate the exotic Philips MSX2inPC card. AFAIK, no emulator does it yet.

To avoid the unnecessary emulation of an entire PC, only the MSX2 mode can to be emulated. This would require only the emulation of the PC devices that the MSX2inPC card has access, like the keyboard, mouse and floppy drive.


    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Apparently blueMSX _does_ support this machine (for quite some time already). Though I checked the blueMSX source code and it doesn't have any specific emulation code for this machine. See also this forum topic:
    It seems only the diskrom is different compared to a 'normal' MSX machine (but blueMSX doesn't emulate it, maybe the blueMSX machine config comes with a wrong diskrom? Or maybe the disk doesn't work in blueMSX for this machine?). If you can figure out _exactly_ how this diskrom talks to the MSX2inPC hardware I'll consider implementing it openMSX (i don't have the time nor the hardware to investigate this myself).

  • The original 'machine' has a diskROM that interfaces between the MSX and the PC in which the card is inserted, to make use of the disk drive that is built in in the PC. This diskROM is not used in the blueMSX config file (according to the mail of Benoit), because this interfacing is not implemented.

    Because this machine is quite exotic and on the edge of reasonable emulation, I'm decreasing priority to 1.

    • priority: 3 --> 1