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How do you save games?

  • How do you save your progress with the game rom you're playing with OpenMSX? So that way, I won't have to start over!

    • openMSX does not support save states yet. This means you can only save the way you would on a real MSX. How that works depends on the game:
      - some games save to cassette; since openMSX 0.6.0 we support this
      - some games save to disk, either to a blank disk or to one of the game disks; in the latter case, make sure the disk image is not read-only or inside a ZIP
      - some games save into SRAM in the game cartridge itself; if the info in the ROM database is correct this SRAM will be emulated
      - some games save into SRAM in another cartridge, such as the FM-PAC (many Japanese MSX2/2+ games use this) or the Game Master 2 (Konami games)

    • So now everytime I play, I have to start over? In fact, how do I save on Metal Gear? I press F1 and F5 and it keeps saying the save errors, and I don't want to start all over again! What do I do?

      • Metal Gear saves to cassette. Which machine are you using? C-BIOS does not have cassette support yet, so you will have to use another MSX model, for example the Philips NMS 8250.

        Open the console (F10 on PC, Cmd-L on Mac). Type "cassetteplayer new mgsave01.wav". Then close the console and let the game save. To verify, open the console again and type "cassetteplayer rewind". Go back to the game and say "Y" to verify.

        Note that Metal Gear saves the situation at the last check point (typically, the last elevator you entered), not the exact point you are when you save.

    • Wait, explain this one more time, and then can you tell me how to load my save file?

      • Which part is unclear, exactly?

        Loading is the same as verifying: before you can load, you should do "cassetteplayer rewind" in the console.

    • The part when you say [quote]Go back to the game and say "Y" to verify.[/quote]And after I verify it, then I go back to where I was?

      Oh, and can you tell me how to save & load in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake? I really appreciate this!

      • I guess you're using a C-BIOS based MSX machine. C-BIOS is not complete yet and one of the things not implemented at the moment is the cassette routines: they always return "save failed". You will not be able to save MG1 in a C-BIOS machine. So the first thing to do is select an MSX machine that does have cassette support, for example the NMS8250.

        For MG2, the easiest way to save is to use Game Master 2: as cart A, select Metal Gear 2; as cart B, select Game Master 2. Now "SRAM" will added to the save options in the F5 menu.

    • I'm sorry, how do I verify to load? What do I type in? after I type in "Y&quot ?

    • Sorry! Just tell me what do I do after I type in cassetteplayer rewind, please! ^_^

    • Actually, I'm using OpenMSX 0.6.0 for WIndows 2000, and it was pretty much working! All I have to do so far is probably know what to type after I type in "cassetteplayer rewind". Can you please tell me? And please be more specific when you said "Y"

      • The "machine" I'm referring to is the model of MSX you are emulating. You can select it in Catapult, on the first tab, on the top-left. If you're using <default> you get one of the C-BIOS machines, which are not capable of saving to and loading from cassette.

    • &quot;Y&quot;

    • I suggest you come to our IRC channel so that we can help you properly. LIke this it is clearly not working. Get an IRC client, connect to server irc.freenode.net and join channel #openMSX.

    • Hey, from what you said after cassetteplayer rewind, how do I verify by pressing Y? Do I use Catapult to load the game?