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0.5.2 CVS Power Mac

  • Hi guys, once again I post here, I still don't have a IRC access. :P

    So, I build the CVS version without problem on my mac, the performances of the SDLGL renderer is from far much better than with the version 0.5.0.
    Thank to the dev to have correct the ScreenShot Endian problem. :P

    I have a request about one function...
    When we switch from Full Screen to Window mode and reverse.
    Can you check if the emulation is paused, if so, just do normal task, if not, pause the emulation, toggle display and then switch back to not paused.

    It is not C or what ever, just a very short representation of my wish.

    Recently I played SD Snatcher, and sometimes I had to switch to window mode to check some map.
    Then, the sound callback play the same loop until the toggle is "completly" finished.

    I think it is a nice idea.