Sony HBG-900P or kind of

  • Hi guys,
    I found a basic program I wrote long time ago and I made it using the Sony HBG-900 (HBF-900) features.
    I use the command Call Text (_TEXT) and some other such as _FONT.
    Actually when I try to run the program using the HBF-900 roms (including video roms) those functions are not implemented. How should I proceed to make my old program working ?

    Thank a lot


    • I tried it on the Sony HB-G900P and _TEXT is working fine.

      I could not get it working on the HB-F900. Maybe it doesn't exist there?

      CALL FONT worked on both.

      The F900 has a totally different video utility than the G900P. Isn't that the problem?

    • Thank for your answer.
      I will then look for the correct Roms and include them into openMsx.


    • Actualy even with the correct roms I get a problem with the video utilitie rom. (some times working some times not)

      So, I pluged it into the FSA1GT machine (just added it in a free slot on hardwareconfig.xml) and the functions Call SLFONT and call TEXT where all working.

      Thank again


      • Weird! Then it means something is wrong with our HB-G900P configuration or something else... I'll add a bug report for it.

        Can you send me the program you used to test with?


    • BASIC

      10 DIM A%(3000)
      20 CALL SLFONT("clas16",A%)

      I can not connect to internet so easily so I'll check later for the correct syntax :P


      • Please do so.

        Also, don't we need the font file to test it?