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M1 z80 timing

  • How is it implemented the "feature" of the M1  Tcycle in openMSX? I feel like the openMSX is faster than it should, is it due to the M1 problem that is not correctly emulated?

    • AR

      What about M1 emulation?
      Is there some unimplemented feature in the z80 emulator?
      The timings of some PSG players sound odd...

    • The extra M-cycle delay is implemented in openMSX. The timing of the Z80 *should* be correct. But there can always be bugs of course. There are no known issues though.

      Why do you think the bug is in openMSX (and not in your routines ;) Did you test on a real machine?

      Can you give a list of Z80 instructions you use and how much T-states you expect them to take, so we can check those against the openMSX code.