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Question about a SDL segmentation fault error

  • Whenever playing some games (e.g Valis 2, Nemesis 2 etc.), the emulator got crashed with a message, 'SDL segmentation fault error'. Is there any solution for this problem?

    Fedora Linux 5 x86_64 (Amd64), kernel 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5, SMP.
    SDL version 1.2.9-5.2.1 installed by Yum.

    The installed packages of SDL are:

    My one compiled without Jack.

    • Can you be more specific where exactly the crash occurs? So, what are the exact steps to reproduce this?

      Also, give us some other info:
      - which version of openMSX exactly?
      - what renderer did you use?
      - what MSX machine did you emulate?
      - what kind of scale_factor and scale_algorithm did you use?

      Does the crash happen exactly at the same time, all the time? Or only once in a while?

    • There seemed two questions I would answer:

      1. version 0.6.0
      3. Panasonic_FS-A1GT

      I just used it after simply compiling the version 0.6.0.

      Since I didn't test games with other Rom environment, I better check other hardware emulation. I did not change the window size of the emulator, any option either. The following is the result of the "configure".

      - version: 0.6.0
        Using config.guess of 2004-03-03...
        Detected system: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
      Probing target system...

      Found libraries:
        libpng:          1.2.8
        libxml2:         2.6.23
        OpenGL:          yes
        Jack:            no
        SDL:             1.2.9
        SDL_image:       1.2.9
        TCL:             8.4
        zlib:            yes

      Found headers:
        libpng:          yes
        libxml2:         yes
        OpenGL:          yes
        Jack:            no
        SDL:             yes
        SDL_image:       yes
        TCL:             yes
        zlib:            yes

      Components overview:
        Emulation core:  yes
        CassetteJack:    no
        SDLGL renderer:  yes

      • Could you try compiling an executable with debugging symbols? Run "make OPENMSX_FLAVOUR=devel" instead of plain "make".

        Then start this executable under the GNU Debugger (gdb): (change "game.rom" into a ROM file demonstrates the problem)
        $ gdb --args derived/x86_64-linux-devel/bin/openmsx game.rom
        (gdb) run

        When it crashes, gdb will be activated:
        (gdb) bt
        The "bt" command shows the stack trace of the thread that was active when the crash happened. Please post the stack trace here or mail it to me (Maarten) or Wouter, see ChangeLog for our addresses. Often the stack trace gives us enough information to find the piece of code that is causing the crash.

        If you like, drop by on our IRC channel (#openmsx on chat.freenode.net) and we can give you instructions on finding this bug interactively.

    • There was something weired which happened. After getting your instruction, I complied it again along with the debug option. The issue I got was about what the game, Valis 2, was crashed, not turning over the game tittle; it just had got crashed after the game demo in a disk one. To the contrary, now it looks working well. The two games which had problems, (Nemesis 2, Valis 2), did not got crashed yet. Since I got your the description which is how to report some problem, sooner or later I am going to report any problem with the 'GDB' stack trace when some games would have some problems. Thank you anyway..