I just joined this mailing list - hello everbody!

I have been trying to use OME for quite some time now, but have some issues:

1) Building on Fedora 11 and 12 fails with some undefines and undeclared. Basically they were int64_t, and XXprintf functions. I added includes to various files just to get this to build okay. Don't know if it causes any other problems tho.

2) Sound: I can't get OME to open a video that has MP3 audio. It says something like: "No audio encoder found for WAVId 0x0055." Also, when I try to render, I get an empty audio stream. If I try the video encoded with a52, then it opens, with the audio stream displayed. But when I render via Lame MP3, it first changes the bitrate to 128, then the audio is completely out of sync with the video. FWIW, the video was captured and processed by mencoder - using FFMPEG codecs, and I built the latest gmerlin-all-in-one.

3) (simple) feature requests: could OME simply write out the video to the same original format, without having to go through the render dialogs? Could OME single step by seconds as well as by frames? Can OME display in the timeline all frames when fully expanded, rather than just blocks (scenes?) Also, can the frame display size be increased - on a high resolution monitor, it is fairly small :-) ?

Finally (phew), is there a later version than the one on the web site: 20090105?

I realize this is a lot, but like I said, I've been trying to get this to work some time.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.