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openMosix / News: Recent posts

openMosix Summit 2004 Convenes February 22nd

Brussels (February 17, 2004) - The openMosix Summit 2004 will convene on Sunday afternoon February 22nd at FOSDEM 2004 in Brussels.

The openMosix community is organizing its own meeting at FOSDEM 2004. Anyone (developers, users, enthusiasts) interested in openMosix is welcome. This event is the ideal place for developers and users to meet us in real life, not on IRC or by mail.

At the openMosix Summit, key developers and users can discuss the project's future direction, decide on important new features, and plan the development roadmap.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-02-18

openMosix Project celebrates its second anniversary

openMosix Project today celebrates its second anniversary. This OpenSource project has become the leading 100% GPL'd Linux clustering platform with thousands of installations

openMosix Summit 2004 in Brussels, 21-22 February, kicks off the project's third year with a developer planning and review conference which will be held concurrently with FOSDEM.

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-02-10

Kris Buytaert Becomes Release Manager for openMosix

With the openMosix 2.4.23 release, Kris Buytaert takes up the duties of Release Manager for openMosix. Welcome on board Kris and many thanks Mirko Caserta for handling the releases of the last half of 2003!

Posted by Bruce Knox 2004-01-05

openMosix 2.4.22-2 and Userspace Tools 0.3.5 Released

This openMosix 2.4.22-2 release includes the fix for oMFS problems on tmpfs by Vincent Hanquez.

Please note that openMosix kernel patch 2.4.22-2 and Userspace Tools 0.3.5 should be used together.

openMosix kernel patch ChangeLog:

* ease XFS integration, sync with 2.6
* changed __u64 to uint64_t on memory structure
* fix mlock reason to stay if syscall failed
* fix oMFS bug
* fix preprocessor directive in driver/scsi/
* fix fpu crash
* fix big memory information... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-12-01

openMosix 2.4.22-1 Released

This is the port to Linux 2.4.22.

Changes include:

Port (Vincent Hanquez)
oMFS, arch/i386/kernel/ and page fault handling for newer kernels, and dentry handling on remote node under mfs/dfsa
fixes plus cleanup on mm/mmap.c (Moshe Bar)
moslimit patch for userspace-tools compatibility (Cristiano De Michele)

RPMs by Kris Buytaert and Mirko Caserta

Downloads available from http://www.openMosix.org ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-09-05

openMosix 2.4.21-1 Released

This is the port to Linux 2.4.21.

Changes include:
Port (Vincent Hanquez)
oMFS fixes (Moshe Bar)
moslimit patch for userspace-tools compatibility (Cristiano De Michele)

Downloads available from http://www.openMosix.org

Mirko Caserta

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-06-24

openMosix Userspace Tools version 0.3.3 Released

An updated version of the userspace-tools is available for download.

This release fixes a number of issues we were having with autoconf such as:

- having mosctl and mosrun linked to libncurses.so
- a number of warnings at compile time were removed
- the SysV init script now behaves correctly with regard to autoconf

You might want to read the ChangeLog for more details. There are no new features in this release, just serious fixes to the 0.3.2 version.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-06-13

openMosix 2.4.20-3 and Userspace Tools 0.3.2 Released

This openMosix 2.4.20-3 release includes the loadlimit patch from Cristiano De Michele, ptrace exploit fix from Giacomo Mulas, and the migrate back race patch from Eliezer/Emil. RPMs, Source, plus DEBs for Debian/Sid (unstable ) are available.

Userspace Tools v0.3.2 release is a minor bug fix release and features a completely autoconfiscated build. Thanks to Cristiano De Michele we now have also up-to-date files for Debian/Sid (unstable). ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-06-09

ClusterKnoppix Slashdotted, Adds Mirrors

ClusterKnoppix now has a number of additional mirrors in place, a new logo, and a mailing list too. If you had problems downloading ClusterKnoppix during the Slashdot Effect, give it another try soon.

Wim Vandersmissen's ClusterKnoppix is a modified Knoppix plus openMosix and openMosixview.

http://bofh.be/clusterknoppix/ or from the openMosix Add-Ons and Community Contributions page.

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-06-08

Donations Help openMosix Continue its Aggressive Expansion

We need your help to continue our aggressive expansion of openMosix. Donations allow openMosix to have a presence at important HPC conferences and exhibitions, to provide hardware to a few gifted but resource starved developers, and to continue to expand our development agenda in spite of having no revenue stream.

There are two avenues available for providing your financial support to openMosix. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-06-07

gomd :: general openMosix daemon - alpha

The gomd project has just released an alpha version of the software. gomd is a daemon which executes commands and gathers information from the nodes of an openMosix cluster.

This is a complete C/C++ rewrite (plus extension) of the Java openMosixInfoServer daemon from Gian Paolo Ghilardi's openMosixApplet. The gomd library will support C/C++ and Java monitoring applications.

openMosixView, openMosixApplet, openMosixWebView, and 3dmosmon will all eventually link to this library and make use of gomd's features.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-05-11

Archives Imported Into Gmane, the Mail-to-News Gateway

Today our SourceForge hosted openMosix Mailing Lists Archives were imported into Gmane, the mail-to-news gateway.

This provides many new ways to access the openMosix Mailing Lists and their archives. With Gmane, the Mailing Lists are gatewayed into News Groups, an openMosix News Group for each List.

Gmane even adds tools for those that prefer a Web interface to that of a News Reader. The Web interface to Gmane only provides a browsable last 600 messages, but the Search extends to all messages in the Archive.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-05-10

Migshm-1.3 DSM patch for openMosix Released

MAASK has released an improved version of its patch for shared memory processes on openMosix. Migshm-1.3 is for openMosix 2.4.20-2.

Also released is the Migshm Stress Test suite which helps test migration of shared memory processes and also clone() threads.

Links are available from our openMosix Add-Ons and Community Contributions page:

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-04-14

openMosix Userspace Tools version 0.3 Released

This is a much-improved version of Userland Tools that will help with both installation and operation of openMosix clusters.

Includes: the first utilities for manipulation of process groups, easy rpm-creation, plus a new startup script to simplify installation. The new script starts the openMosix
auto-discovery daemon if a valid .map-file is not found.

Change Log:

* Compiler warning code cleanups (Ettore Simone)
* Man pages added and rewritten (Matthias Rechenburg)
* Utilities for manipulation of process groups added (Matthias Rechenburg)
* mosctl now handles > 2GB RAM correctly (Bryan Bayerdorffer)
* Makefiles cleanup, now supports DESTDIR and easy rpm-creation (Martin Hy)
* Added the mps package (mps and mtop commands are openMosix-aware versions of ps and top, showing which node each process is running) (Martin Hy)
* New startup-script which starts omdiscd in case of no or invalid static map-file (Martin Hy)
* Extended README file (Martin Hy)
* Adds SysV init-script that can be used to start and stop openMosix.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-04-11

openMosix Ported to IA64 Itanium

After almost one year of work, the openMosix cluster has been ported to the 64bit platform Itanium. We have no intention, however, to continue support the Itanium platform, as support from Intel and related companies is extremely low and the performance of the CPUs is quite disappointing.

Having openMosix already ported to 64 bit will help with a possible future port to the AMD Opteron platform, however.... read more

Posted by Moshe Bar 2003-03-31

openMosix Project Celebrates Its First Anniversary

First year technical milestones include the addition of installation RPMs for Red Hat Linux, SuSE and Mandrake Linux(tm), node Auto Discovery, and the port of openMosix to the Intel(r) Itanium(tm) IA-64 Processor Family. Project plans for openMosix' second year include porting to the 64-bit AMD Opteron(tm) processor, better integration with OpenAFS, the release of a first version of DSM, continued support of the latest Linux versions, plus tighter integration with Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo Linux(tm), and SuSE.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-02-16

openMosix 2.4.20-2 released

openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image clustering. Taking n PC boxes, openMosix gives users and applications the illusion of one single computer with n CPUs. openMosix is perfectly scalable and adaptive. This release fixes a bug, which affected SMP-kernels and caused the machine to hang when unmounting filesystems at reboot.

RPMs are compiled with gcc-3.2 under RedHat 8.0. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-01-29

openMosix Project Home Page Redesign

Thanks for all the compliments on the new site design. I had a lot of suggestions and help getting to this 4th openMosix website design.

Here are the most persistent of the contributors:

Mirko Caserta, Kris Buytaert, Matthias Rechenburg, Ramon Pons Vivanco, and Jeff Spence have all contributed to this design in just the last few weeks. Several others have contributed over the last six months (design 3 lived a long life for this project:)... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-01-27

openMosix RC5-72 Team Breaks into the Top50

With the addition of two new team members this week, the openMosix RC5-72 Team hit overall rank of 50 today.

The team should continue to climb to around number 25 over then next couple of weeks, but without additional team members, getting into the top 10 will be very difficult.

Join the Team!

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-01-24

openMosix Community Update

The openMosix Community has been very active of late. Here is a quick summary of new contributions:

The little cow icon on our Website Homepage links to the openMosix team on distributed.net's RSA Labs' 72bit RC5 Encryption Challenge project. With just 4 members, the openMosix team is already in 167th place of 1,962 registered teams.
What are we going to do with the prize?

The openMosix SETI@home group now has 22 members looking for ET. Our group can always see the stars.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2003-01-07

The Making of the Kraken Game Cluster

A new openMosix Add-On Application is documented on our openMosix Add-Ons and Community Contributions page.

This is Luca Fabbro's Cyber Games page documenting the creation of the Kraken openMosix Game Cluster hardware plus Carlo Daffara's paper presented at the first openMosix User Group Meeting covering the software.

Il making del Kraken is an Italian site mostly containing photos of the making of the hardware for this six-processor "openMosix Tile". openMosix for the creation of low-latency, high-efficiency game clusters is a paper (English) providing details of the Kraken's software setup and optimization.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2002-12-20

Ramon Pons Vivanco Releases openMosixWebView

A new openMosix Add-On Application is available from our openMosix Add-Ons and Community Contributions page.

openMosixWebView produces web charts for monitoring an openMosix cluster. This PHP script uses openMosixview's openMosixCollector logs.


Posted by Bruce Knox 2002-12-15

openMosix 2.4.20 RPMs Released

This is the port to Linux 2.4.20. RPMs for openMosix 2.4.20 are now officially available! This release is functionally more or less equal to the 2.4.19-7 release, but updated to match the 2.4.20 kernel plus the changes below:


* Port openMosix-2.4.19-7 to 2.4.20 (Rahul)
* Load balancer updates (Moshe)
* Minor code cleanups (Moshe)
* Minor updates (Amit)

We have been stress-testing 2.4.20 for some time in the lab with very good results. Early testers of the CVS release have also reported good results. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2002-12-11

Streaming Video of First User Group Meeting Available

Streaming Video speeches by A. Arcangeli, L. Genoni, and Moshe Bar plus the proceedings of the first openMosix user group meeting can be viewed online now. Stefano Martinelli of CINECA reports that, "All streaming video and most slides for the highly successful conference are available.";

This November 28th conference plus the release of openMosix 2.4.20-1 put openMosix into the SourceForge Top Ten Most Active for most of last week.... read more

Posted by Bruce Knox 2002-12-09

Italian Language openMosix Mailing List Established

Stefano Cozzini, Democritos (the INFM National Simulation Center in Trieste: http://www.democritos.it\) has announced the creation of an Italian language mailing list for openMosix:


"I invite all people speaking and understanding Italian to join this forum." Stefano

Posted by Bruce Knox 2002-12-05