I have lab space (HVAC + 240V power)  that is SSH accessable in my home but that would be a beast... I don't know that we need quite that much horsepower for testing. My lab only has 30 amps of 240 so i try to keep most my machine below a half amp of power :)

Anyone have any ideas?


On 8/13/07, bruce@calextech.biz < bruce@calextech.biz> wrote:

I have a Dell 8450 8 processor x86 system that I would be happy to donate.  Unfortunately, it's currently  in the United States.  It's very heavy and would cost a small fortune to ship.  I'm open to suggestions...

Bruce Kissinger

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 10:10:49 -0700, "Wes Wagner" <wes.wagner@gmail.com> wrote:

> The openmosix 2.6 project is getting new steam. There have been 2 $100

> pledges to distribute to the coder(s) (right now it is really just Florian

> for the real kernel work) when the successful alpha comes out. Other items

> that could help the project is amd64 and i386 test equipment, (procs and

> mbs), for Florian to use in testing. If you have some beat up old

> equipment

> that works but you don't need and live in Europe so you can ship it cheap,

> please consider donating it to the project.


> By the end of the weekend we should have everything together enough that

> we

> can start accepting work from other developers. We have been working on

> the

> infrastructure needed to support collaboration without anyone stepping on

> each other's toes.


> We are also looking to rename the product/project - so name suggestions

> are

> welcome. I have already had some good ideas proposed but we can use some

> more. Moshe suggested rebranding and Florian and I agree entirely that a

> new

> name will convey that 2.6 is different than the project objectives of 2.4,

> and has been significantly rethought in light of the changes in market

> needs

> and hardware architectures.



Wes Wagner