How much work do you think it entails right now to move base functionality into beta? What we are doing right now is research and development work. We probably can help with the bugs we discover, but do not likely have the time to spin up to actually add features and functionality.

Wes Wagner

On 6/11/07, Florian Delizy <> wrote:

> I have a test system running 2.6.17 om kernel on a i386 platform with
> omuscd
> - gentoo 2006.1 - it was only marginally tricky to get it running. My
> main
> concerns are amd and 64 bit architecture issues at this point, which
> is why
> I am asking if anyone has particular experience. I know I could use the
> i386/686 architecture on an amd processor and it would be compatible,
> but it
> would certainly not be optimal.
Just to let you know amd64 is the main dev platform of oM 2.6 (although
for now the development is paused, because of no time ...).

oM2.6 is far from being functional at this rate, I am sorry