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#37 kernel headers rpm???

Martin Høy
Installer (27)
Eric St-Jean

I am installing openMosix (or trying to) to replace
MOSIX in a cluster.
This is running Red Hat 8.0 (the new nodes are,
anyways). So i installed the binary kernel rpm and the
tools rpm.
BUT i need to recompile modules: for NVidia and for
VMWare (the cluster nodes are also workstations for
people who do 3D and need some win2k apps).
The bin rpm doesn't seem to include kernel headers.
If i rebuild from the src rpm, i still don't get the
headers in an rpm.
If i install the src rpm, then 'rpmbuild -bc' to build
in place, and then tell NVidia to compile using the
headers in the RPM BUILD directory openmosix used, it
still doesn't work (bunch of unresolved's). Looking at
it, i see that bzImage in the BUILD directory doesn't
even match the vmlinuz that's in the rpm i just built,
and i'm really quite confused at this point...

MOREOVER: i needed to add smp to the UTS_RELEASE
define in include/linux/version.h in the BUILD dir so
that the NVidia driver would get built thinking it's
going for the smp kernel, which is the one i install
after the openmosix src rpm built one up and one smp.


I guess this is 2 parts:
-a bug saying i think the headers should get built
into an rpm by the src rpm; probably more like 2 rpms:
one headers for up and the other for smp
- a feature request to post kernel-headers rpms, up
and smp, along with the other files, and/or to fix the
rpm SPEC file so it builds it...

Or maybe i'm just tired, and there was an easy way all
along... i just really don't see it...

please help me!

More info:
this is on dual-PIV Xeon 2.4's, 1 GB RDRAM, 120GB IDE,
3c59x NIC, NVidia Quadro4 128MB (they're actually Dell
WS530's). There's 4 of those in the cluster along with
6 older dual PIVXeon 1.8's. I just installed RH8.0
clean on it and did almost nothing else than try to
get openmosix+Nvidia working. The older nodes are
using Mosix on RH7.3 but i want to move them to
openmosix, if possible.

AND i do realize that i can get the tarball instead -
that's what i'm going to do right after this. But i
really wanted to build RPMs so i can more easily
replicate the setup, as i have a hard requirement to
document this.

thank you!


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    Moshe Bar

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    Martin Høy

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  • Martin Høy
    Martin Høy

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    Use the openmosix-kernel-source-2.4.20-openmosix2.i386.rpm which
    includes a kernel tree with the openMosix patch applied. All
    the headers
    you'll ever want.