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Introducing OpenModem

This project was registered on SourceForge.net on June 06, 2013, and is described by the project team
as follows:

OpenModem is a software defined modem for transmission of data over HF Radio Written in C++.
Support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Will leverage existing open source code for basic channel
implementation of multiple modes including WinMor, PACTOR-I, and AFSK PACKET.

The OpenModem project consists of several smaller independently working projects, including:

modem  - the project wrapper that implements an API for external GUI application use. A demo 
        client application will be offered under a separate project called RMSLink.

network library - a library of network based functionality including TCP/IP socket server and
        COMMAND interpreter.

codecs - individual data modes will have unique codecs supplied as a plugin implementation of
         each. Initial codecs may include WinMOR and PACTOR I, with AFSK PACKET to follow on.

The exact license terms used by this project are on the project summary page and in the licensing
documents are included in the downloads.

The Modem Interface
Because every system or platform is different, the needs of a software based modem change. Therefore we
are attempting to construct a library of modem functionality with back-end codecs that are transparent
to the user. Each important protocol supported (i.e. WinMOR, PACTOR I, PACKET, etc.) is part of this
module. All supported protocols will depend on the sound card based engine contained in the modem

The Network Library
Just as with the modem functionality, the network functionality has been contained in one library that
will support network activity (e.g. TCP/IP socket server, command interpreter, etc.). This project will not include a GUI application to interface with the command API. See the pending RMSLink user GUI application coming soon.

Your feedback is important for future development. If you find bugs, please report the bugs in the
Tracker so they can be fixed. If there is a feature you would like to see, post it on the forums.
Please be specific and detailed. Otherwise contact the development team directly.

Windows users should have XP SP3 minimum, with IE7 or IE8 (IE8 or IE9 on Windows 7). Linux users should
have Ubuntu 12.04 minimum or any other POSIX Linux system later than Jan 2012. A 16 bit stereo
soundcard, onboard chipset, or external computer interface with soundcard is required (see the minimum
requirements on the winlink.org site for WinMOR ).

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