OpenMex version 0.1 (Alpha) released

OpenMex is a tool that can extract (and in the future import) files from a large variety of game archives. Release 0.1 includes support for 138 games, and a fresh new GUI.

This release is Windows only (tested on XP). In the future we may be able to support other platforms (after all, Python and wxPython should be platform-independent), although we could use some help with that. If youre interested in helping out, please contact us through SourceForge.

OpenMex supports a large number of games because weve been able to automate conversion from old MultiEx Commander scripts to new OpenMex scripts. While this means that OpenMex supports 138 different games, weve only been able to test OpenMex on about 10% of all the supported games (its pretty hard to find archives of all supported games). This means that there are probably some non-working scripts. If you happen to find one, please tell us about it in the XeNTaX forums.

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Regards, Arjan Dikhoff

Posted by Dikhoff 2003-10-18