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Open Metronome 5.04 is now available

Various minor bug fixes, plus new WAV samples, and the ability to run each of the first x beats of a y-bar beat at a different tempo to the main tempo. Enjoy!

Posted by code::Biscuit 2012-02-10

Problems downloading?

There is a problem with sourceforge at the time of writing, whereby you can't browse any files in the "latest" directory.
*All* of the latest files are available from

Posted by code::Biscuit 2011-01-21

Open Metronome 5.03 is now available

Fixed a bug whereby some PDAs would output an audible "skip" every 128 seconds;
Translated into Spanish;
Added hotkeys for things such as tempo up/down;
Maximum and minimum BPM are now user configurable.

Posted by code::Biscuit 2011-01-21

Open Metronome 5.02 is now available

Fixed one nasty but hopefully rare (WAV) timing bug; Fixed clipping issues for multi-voice (WAV) beats; Various other minor fixes.
And now: you can add a "Usr" sub-folder to the samples folder and put your own samples in it.
Hopefully your experiences with my free Open Source Metronome will be a little better now!

Posted by code::Biscuit 2010-08-02

Pocket PC 2002 CAB file now available

The project homepage now lists a CAB file for Pocket PC 2002, rather than a ZIP as was previously the case. I can't figure out how to hide the old ZIP, unfortunately.
All of the old links are still available further down the project homepage.

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-07-27

Re-orgainising releases of Open Metronome - done!

Hopefully it all makes sense now!
If there is still confusion, hopefully is friendlier! I did get a mail today from sourceforge saying they are going to make life easier for users looking to download apps, which would be nice!

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-06-30

Re-orgainising releases of Open Metronome

It turns out I have handled the release of files like the noob that I am; I am just fixing that right now, normal service should resume in an hour or so

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-06-30

Open Metronome is Alive!

Open Metronome is alive and available from:
Although I have categorized it as "Production/Stable", it is probably more of a release candidate at the moment (it is better than a beta, however, but there is nothing between beta and stable on SourceForge:) I've been using it for ages, however, and it seems fine.
I intend to move everything to this sourceforge site if and when it all settles down, or if people start hassling me to do so:) For now however, it is going to stay sitting in my own webspace.
I hope you enjoy using it, if that is the correct sentiment:)

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-06-26