The following changes has been done:

  * Validate RAID name. Only allow the characters [a-zA-Z0-9].
  * Fix bug when setting up a syslog server.
  * Use the entered UID when creating a new user.
  * Mantis 0000039: Error while adding user or modifying folder privileges
  * Mantis 0000040: Can't change server name
  * Mantis 0000047: Change 'Shared Folder' into 'Shared Folders'
  * Mantis 0000048: Wrong graph title under System Information->System->Interfaces
  * Mantis 0000049: OpenMediaVault don`t recognize kvm virtio disks
  * Mantis 0000051: raid10 level

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI.