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A new open source implementation of the HL7 CTS Vocabulary service with support also for the OMG LQS/TQS terminology service has been checked into CVS. We should have a release version of this pretty soon. It leverages the excellent LexGrid work of Mayo but doesn't require an SQL database to run.

Posted by David Forslund 2005-08-22

Version 0.99.3 released

Numerous enhancements, bug fixes, and example webapps have been added. The next release is likely to have some significant structural changes and this release is cleanup in preparation for this next release. The SHARE app from the ARCH effort in Mendocino County is included as well as additional changes for incorporating external data. This release includes the OMG PIDS, COAS, LQS, and RAD (SOA) services which are useful to support Regional Healthcare Information Organizations as part of the National Health Information Network.

Posted by David Forslund 2005-08-20

New features added

Several new features have been added to OpenEMed:
1) ability to import Excel data files
2) ability to specify matching algorithm in PIDS
3) Upgraded to OJB 1.0.0
4) Added new LQS server from U. of Maastricht
5) Added new PassThru COAS from U. of Maastricht

Hopefully we will have a new release out shortly with these and other updates included, including some performance updates. Currently all the changes above are in the CVS repository. If you do a CVS update, be sure to do a build clean before you try building all of OpenEMed.

Posted by David Forslund 2004-07-29

version 0.99.2 released

Version 0.99.2 has been released with a more complete
COAS implementation including the ability to have versions of all transactions.
Numerous bug fixes and enhancements are available. Check the release notes.
Updated to new versions of all the support packages.

Posted by David Forslund 2004-01-10

version 0.99.1 released

Version 0.99.1 of OpenEMed has been released. This Java-based component framework was designed for handling distributed medical records, but has been extended to handle medical surveillance and will soon be used to manage clinical protocols. Build on open component standards, this version has improvements designed to handle versioning of data as well as a number of other enhancements. The system is in 4 parts, source code (src), running distribution (dist), documentation (docs), and javadoc UML diagrams (doc). The full release requires all 4 files unzipped into the same directory.

Posted by David Forslund 2003-07-09

Version 0.99.0 released

Its been a while, but we finally released a new
version of OpenEMed. Besides numerous
bug fixes, it includes a medical surveillance
component including reporting web pages
and switches to OpenORB by default
and upgraded to ojb 0.9.8 as default OR mapper.
The is support of the BSAFER project

Posted by David Forslund 2003-01-01

Version 0.98 released

Version 0.98 has just been released
with improvements to the RAD server
updates to new versions of Orbacus4.1.X,
OJB-0.8.400, Adiron OrbasecSL3 v3.4.1alpha
and numerous other bug fixes and enhancements

Posted by David Forslund 2002-05-17

Version 0.96b released

Version 0.96b has been released. It has a number of new
features which includes a prototype Bio Surveillance web
portal called BSAFER. In now includes support for more
RDBMS' using ObjectBridge and uses by default hsqldb.
Major overhaul (still incomplete) of the RAD access control system.
Many other new capabilities.

Posted by David Forslund 2002-03-01

OpenEMed: Version 0.95 released

Release with Oracle support for persistence with OJB-0.5.180 object-relational
mapping software
Release with Adiron 3.3.0 Common Secure Interoperability v2 (CSIv2) for
security and access control
Enhanced JSP web applications including pilot immunization registry portal
and bio surveillance tool

Posted by David Forslund 2001-10-12

Version 0.92 released

Version 0.92 of OpenEMed has been released. This includes
full SSL security clients to servers, population of the servers
with HL7 data streams, and an improved clinical data schema
for more efficiency in the clinical data.

Posted by David Forslund 2001-05-16

Version 0.90

Major additions for version 0.90 are the ObjectBridge object-relational
mapping and use of InstantDB for the relational database
Also the addition of automatic generation of Web Archive (.war) files
for easy web client deployment.

Posted by David Forslund 2001-04-22

First Sourceforge release (0.75)

The first release of OpenEMed on sourceforge is now here. The CVS repository
is also accessible. There may be some small problems as we get the submission
to Sourceforge straightened out (like proper handling of binary files). Check out
the release notes and changes to see what is contained.

Posted by David Forslund 2000-08-16