openMDX v2.2.0 (stable, production quality) released

openMDX - the leading open source MDA platform

The new version 2.2.0 (stable, production quality) is available from:

The release notes are available at:

openMDX is based on the Object Management Group's Model Driven
Architecture standards:

openMDX enables software architects and developers to build
and integrate software applications in a highly automated and
industrialized way.

Highlights of the openMDX v2.2.0 release:
Cleanup and Tuning
+ Optimized EJB Remote Invocations (Strings and Numbers
are no longer serialzed/deserialized during intra-VM
remote method invocations; the byte arrays used for
serialization and deserialization are re-used on a
thread basis)
+ Optimize Path; Do not use String[]
+ Minimize use of new Object[]. Minimize allocation of Object arrays
BitRock Installer
* and more

Your openMDX Team

Posted by Christoph Mueller 2008-09-22