openMDX v1.18.2 (stable, production quality) released

openMDX - the leading open source MDA platform

The new version 1.18.2 (stable, production quality) is available from:

The release notes are available at:

openMDX is based on the Object Management Group's Model Driven Architecture standards:

openMDX enables software architects and developers to build and integrate
software applications in a highly automated and industrialized way.

Highlights of the openMDX v1.18.2 release:
CCI2, JDO2, JMI2 mappings support added
Database: plugin supports JDO/JPOX schemas
Logging framework integrates SLF4J
Support for storing stated models in a non-stated way
Lightweight Container Support for EJB 2.1 compliant stateless session beans added
and more

Your openMDX Team

Posted by Christoph Mueller 2007-08-27