I agree with gushie. Some times theres an unplanned break in singing a song such as an instrumental, to blank to the service or gloabal theme from a song theme would be diatracting and make it feel disjointed!
Also, I think, if the background has been replaced then blank to theme should keep this.

So I suppose, in summary, from my point of view all the blank to theme should do is just remove the text, and leave everything else on the screen.


On 19 Mar 2011 09:38, "Jonathan Corwin" <j@corwin.co.uk> wrote:

On 19 March 2011 09:31, Tim and Alison Bentley <Home@trarbentley.net> wrote:
3. Blank to Theme is for the Service or Global theme depending on settings currently black or last song theme.  Song theme would not be used unless it was the service or Global theme.

Disagree. Correct for image/ppt/media, but if song/custom/bible is live, blank to theme should show the songs theme (i.e. if we're in an instrumental verse). 
This is why I think we need a close button, so we can close a song, and hence return to the service/global theme.

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