Gary Dale

OpenLobby by eXtreme Ground (Ontario edition) (OLEG):

Add municipal ward (currently Toronto & Windsor) and provincial (Ontario) and federal ridings to your membership list for more effective lobbying. OLEG works with almost any system and runs on almost any computer.

How it works: OLEG reads popular spreadsheet formats1 (Excel2, OpenDocument Spreadsheet3) that can be written from any spreadsheet program and most databases. It adds or updates the ward (currently Toronto & Windsor only) and federal & provincial riding (Ontario only) information and allows you to save the updated file in any of the input formats.

  1. Other formats such as comma separated values can be handled by most spreadsheet programs by opening the file and saving it in a supported format such Excel or OpenDocument Spreadsheet.
  2. Microsoft's new OOXML (.xlsx) format is not currently supported. Save your spreadsheet in Office XP (.xls) format instead.
  3. OpenDocument Spreadsheet is the ISO standard format. It is the native format for StarOffice, OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice Calc. It is supported by almost every spreadsheet program.