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Demo now available via Java WebStart

We removed the demo file from sourceforge since it is now available via Java WebStart.
See or call

Login data: demo / demo

Posted by Mathias Conradt 2006-02-28

Sources available now

Sources are now available for download.

Posted by Mathias Conradt 2005-11-17

Making good progress on project management module

The project management module, which is not published in the demo yet, is making good progress. We'll put screens online this week.

Posted by Mathias Conradt 2005-11-01

English demo available

This week we deployed the english demo version (binary only). Currently german and english language is supported.

Posted by Mathias Conradt 2005-10-21

Latest references

2005 | web portal based on OpenJades.

2005 | Borco - Batch tracing system developed.

2004 | Drgerwerk AG - Track and trace system developed.

Posted by Mathias Conradt 2005-10-14