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OpenIT 2.1.5 Released

OpenIT 2.1.5

OpenIT 2.1.5 is the latest development release of OpenIT.
Many bugs have been fixed and hopefully 2.1.5 will become 2.2
beta and eventually 2.2.

Many thanks to hofrichter for all of the testing and detailed bug reports!

- Switched a <? to <?php in tools/setup.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Added missing /> in inc/header.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Fixed bad HTTPS check in loginauth.php & logout.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Fixed bad toAssocArray call in edit.supportlog.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Switched DataObject null assignments to use DB_DataObject_Cast::sql('NULL'). (michaelss)
- Removed timezone from datetime functions at hofrichter's suggestion. (michaelss)
- Fixed some errors in the News CreationStamp field thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Updated PEAR modules. (michaelss)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-01-10