Can't Add new Computers

  • avi

    I installed openIT ver 2 and it's working fine. I have added 50 COmpter details and now I can't install any more PC. when I click on Add New Computer (i am logged on as administrator), page open with form to put details like Vendor , serial number, deptt and etc...

    when i click on Submit button to Add new computer, it will just come to the computer list but i can't find newly added computer in the list. Now in a sql database also. I think there is some globle veriable which somehow limits list of computer in database.

    please helpme or guide me....

    Note: same things with Add new Employee ....I can't add new emplyee after I added few. no errors !!!!...

  • mohanreddy

    i have the same issue. any fix for this but i add some new fields to the DB and made the changes in the forms. if i add dat in db it works fine and it works even if i edit the data from the application and to the update. need the help …..