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OpenISP / News: Recent posts

openISP will use bug tracking and forum

openisp.net is the main site
We will start using sourceforge's excellent bugtracking and forums starting now.

Posted by Admin Role 2003-06-26

Tons of mysqlISP GPL software released


Posted by Admin Role 2003-05-27

mysqlBind-1.0 tar.gz released

First port of ism|2 DNS/Bind management section to mySQL complete.

Posted by Admin Role 2002-01-29

Live Anti-Spam Tool

We have provided a live anti-spam tool (part of the OpenISP ism|3 software suite) link for your enjoyment:


This monitor/tool is being fed every 5 minutes sendmail 8.9.3 logfile data from a server with thousands of users.

Posted by Admin Role 2001-07-22

OpenISP now has Anti-Spam Tools for sendmail 8.9.3

Monitoring and automated access file based spam rejection has been added. Several spammer "signatures" or vectors are used to determine possible spammer "From" or relay IP's. All sql based and in C for speed and flexibility. Based on large ISP custom developed programs.

Posted by Admin Role 2001-07-16

Help Wanted for OpenISP Port to MySQL

We need help porting OpenISP from mSQL to MySQL. This will allow us to GPL all the current production code. The OpenISP (Pre-GPL name ISM) suite of C browser based tools is used by at least 3 real live ISP's. An SQL database independent interface should be implemented as the first step. Then 'drivers' written for at least MySQL and PostgreSQL. Anonymous CVS access to C source for new/pre-alpha ISM module (http://openisp.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/accounting.cgi) is available and should be sufficient to develop and test the port. Contact members@openisp.net for more info.

Posted by Admin Role 2000-09-03