problems in demo usage of OMA

  • sulio

    HI all, please help!

    As was written in  the OpenIPMP DRM Plugin SDK.pdf at the bottom of page 13 of 14:

    RegDatabasePath, RODatabasePath, CertPath, PrivateKeyPath, RootCAPath and TrustedCAPath tags in XML
    configuration file are used for playing OMA DRM protected content. RegDatabasePath tag
    and RODatabasePath tag must be set to registration database file path and rights database file
    path, respectively. If the given files do not exist, they will be created.
    These files are
    expected to be XML files. CertPath tag, PrivateKeyPath tag, RootCAPath, TrustedCAPath tag must be
    set to device certificate file path, device private key file path, CA certificate file path and
    trusted CA certificate file path.

    I am not sure about  what does it mean by  registration database file path and rights database file path exactly.

    Anybody give me a hint where I can find or how I can create the registration database file ncacheagentregdb.xml and rights database file agentrodb.xml?

    Many Thanks!